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Remember the good times

When the sky is grey, remember when you saw it deep blue.

When you feel cold, think of a radiant sun that has warmed you.

When you suffer a defeat, remember your successes and your achievements.

When you need love, relive your experiences of affection and tenderness. Remember what you have experienced and what you have given with joy.

Remember the gifts you have been given, the cuddles and kisses that you have received, the scenery you have enjoyed and the laughter that has poured from you.
If you have had this, you can go back and have it all over again, and what you have accomplished, you can win all over again. 

Rejoice in the good you have and for the good of others, accept them as they are; discarded sad and painful memories, and above all have no bitterness, do not hurt yourself anymore.
Think about what is good and kind, what is beautiful and true. 

As you look back over your life, stop at beautiful memories and emotions and re-live them again.
Visualize that sunset that touched you.

Relive the spontaneous caress that you were given.

Enjoy again the peace that you have already known, think about it and live well. 
All these images are stored in your mind, and only you can decide what to look at again!
There is no burden that we are given that we will not have the capacity to carry.
Try to live the present by learning from the past, do not carry situations and problems that have already passed. 

Think about this: What was your biggest challenge 10 years ago? Now it is probably nothing. Now, within 10 years your current problems will not be anything.

Why live in sadness over them? 

Mother Teresa of Calcutta