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Help me lord

Lord, help me to tell the truth before the strong ones and not
to tell lies to get the approval of the weak.

If you give me fortune, do not take my happiness away ?
If you give me strength, do not take my reason away ?
If you give me success, do not take my humbleness away ...
If you give me humbleness, do not take my dignity away ?

Help me to see the other side of the coin.
Do not let them accuse me of treachery
just because I do not think like them.

Teach me to love people as I love myself
and to judge myself as I judge the others.

Do not let me fall in the pride of triumph
or in the desperation of failure.
Morever, remind me that failure is the experience
through which we reach success.

Remind me that forgiving is the virtue of the great ones
And that revenge is the primitive signal of the weak.

If you take fortune away: give me hope.

If you take success away: give me enough strength to accept failure and keep on trusting in You.

If I failed people: give me the strength to apologise in a humble way.
If people failed me: give me strength to forgive them
Lord, do not let me forget You. Because I know that You will not forget me.

??When my father and my mother are turned away from me, then the Lord will be my support? Psalm 27:10