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The owner of a shop puts up the following sign: ??Puppies on sale?. Children like this kind of signs and soon, one of them asked: -How much are they?

The owner answered: between $30 and $50 pesos. The boy got some coins out of the pocket: ??I only have $5 ... May I have a look at them??

The man smiled and whistled. From the back, a dog came out followed by her five puppies. One of them was not running like the others. The boy pointed out the little dog that was limping and asked: -??What??s wrong with this little one??

When it was born, the vet told the man it had a faulty hip and it would be lame for the rest of its life. The boy got sad and said: ??That??s the puppy I want to buy!?

The man replied: ??No, you can??t buy that puppy, if you really want it, I will give it to you?.

But the boy got angry and, staring at the man, said: -??I don??t want you to give it to me. He is as worth as the other puppies and I??ll pay the full price?.

The man said: ??Think about it before buying it, he would never be able to run, jump and play like the others?. The boy kneeled down and lift his trousers to show his leg, which was supported by a metal bar. He looked at the man again and said: ??Well, I can??t run either so the dog will need somebody who understands him.

The man had a lump in his throat and it brought tears to his eyes, he smiled and said: ??Son, I hope that each of these puppies may get an owner like you?.

In life what is important is not who you are, but who cares about you, who accepts you and loves you unconditionally.
A real friend is somebody who stays, when the others have left.

??Jesus is our real friend, he loves us unconditionally, it does not matter our condition, He accepts us as we are with all our weaknesses, He is our loyal friend. He asks something simple:  to open our hearts?