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How do you being an eldery?

I have made up my mind: getting old is a gift. Maybe, for the first time in my life, I am the person I have always wanted to be.

Sometimes I feel bad with my body, the aches and pains, my grey hair, my wrinkled skin and sometimes when I look in the mirror I am surprised by the reflection, and though I get older every day I do not burst into tears.

By getting old I have become kinder and less critical of myself and the others. I have realised that I have more friends.I have seen the people I loved leaving this world without understanding the freedom that old age gives you, perhaps, that is why, I feel the right to eat more, to be untidier and extravangant.

Who cares if I feel like reading or playing in the computer until 4.00 in the morning or sleeping until noon? ...or if I dance those beautiful oldies with my arms crossed, with tears running down my face and remembering a past love.
Or if I walk along the beach and I dive in spite of the young ladies’ eyes. God willing, they will get older too.
I became forgetful and I realise that when you get old, you forget more than what you remember, but thanks God, I manage not to forget what I really care for.
During all these years my heart has been broken many times, either because I lost a loved one or my children have suffered.

But I also know that the scars of  the heart give you endurance and strength.
God has blessed me with a long life to see my grey hair and realize that this age is not as bad as we had thought when we were young.
If we know how to get the most of the remaining time, each day may have something special and besides, we will not have those daily engagements that did not let us enjoy the dawn or the birds singing.

"So, while I am here, I am not going to waste my time complaining about the person I could have been or what I could not do. I will keep on enjoying every minute, as if they were the last ones"