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Chinese wisdom

Once a upon time there was a Chinese farmer and though he was very poor, he was very wise. One day, while he was working on the land, his son said:
-Father, how unfortunate we are!, Our horse has gone.
- Why do you call it unfortune? answered the father, let’s see what future brings.
Within few days, the horse was back, with another horse.
-Father, how lucky we are! said the boy this time, our horse has brought us another horse.

-Why do you call it luck?, asked the father, let’s see what the future brings.

The boy wanted to get on the new horse, but as it was not tame, he fell off and broke a leg.

-Father, how unfortunate we are! the boy exclaimed, I broke a leg!.

The father with his usual wisdom, said: -Why do you call it unfortune? Let’s see what the future brings.

The boy was not very convinced and kept on complaining in his bed. Few days later the King’s men went into town looking for young people for the war. They got into the old farmer’s house, but as they saw the young boy with his leg broken, they went away.

The young boy understood that, neither misfortune nor luck exist. Events, whether good or bad happen because they are God’s work. It is Him who decides.

He wants to give us the best, and even if  we think events are good or bad, they may turn quite the opposite at the end of the day.

“The best thing to do is to expect tomorrow, but above all, to trust in God, because everything in our life has a purpose”