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Be careful with discouragement

One day, the Devil decided to retire from his activities and sell his tools to the highest bidder. At nightfall, he had everything settled: HATRED, JELOUSY, ENVY, WICKEDNESS, HYPOCRISY and all the evil things you can imagine.
Among his tools there was one which was worn out and yet, it was the most expensive one. Somebody asked the devil why that tool was so expensive. “DISCOURAGEMENT” was the answer.

Why is the price so high?, the person went on asking. -Because that tool is the most useful. I can enter the consciousness of people with it, and once inside, I can do whatever I want with that person. It is quite worn out because I use it with almost every human being in this world.

Although people could see that the tool was of a great use, nobody was able to buy it since the price of discouragement was very high. That is the reason why it still belongs to the devil.

Discouragement is one of those emotions we need to wrestle with. We get discouraged with money trouble and family situations, with failure, hypocrisy, lies, lack of love ...
We should be careful with discouragement.

If  there is an obstacle, you should not give up.

We can start afresh every day.
“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”
                          ~St. Francis of Assisi