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From positive to negative

Everybody seeks life’s comforts and we want to be happy. Perhaps we have not had any money trouble or our family has had no concern, so we think we do not have anything to worry about.
How often do we think this ?when everything goes according to our plans we do not need any limits and when business are doing well we are able to work everyday and every hour of our life to make the most of the stroke of luck! But ...
• You may go through a financial crisis and  lose everything you had.
• You may have been a healthy person but you are diagnosed with a serious disease and you have few months left.
• You may receive a telephone call at 4.00 am reporting that your son has had a bad accident.
• Your daughter may confess she is having drug problems.

Many things may happen. Things which are not in our plans and we did not expect so we wonder ... What’s going on?

We used to think that our family would get older without any kind of trouble.

But actually, it is not always the case. We should be aware of the fact that our world may collapse in the twinkling of an eye without any warning.

We tend to react in two possible ways:
1. We may get worried, get dispaired, suffer, get depressed ... and as a consequence we may have a personal crisis, we may drift apart or get sick.

2. We may wonder what to do, how to cope with a situation we never thought we could get through, so we get paralysed.

Let me remind you that, for some inexplicable reason, people think that bad things only occur to the others but actually none of us is the exception, they may happen to us as well.

If, all of a sudden, you go through financial problems, do not worry because you may not only get out of money but also without friends.

Yes! You will have to cope with the situation by yourself, you may even get words of criticism from those you considered your friends.

You should know that in those moments, there will be always be “advisers” who will blame you for having reached this situation.

If you see there is no way out, you will start by selling your car, then your house, and little by little you will lose your social status and you will end up living in a small rented apartment.

In your mind, you will struggle, you will torture yourself day and night, trying to find a solution and trying to understand, above all, you will try to understand the inexplicable.

During this period, it is important to be aware of this inner dialogue. You will start saying things like these: I struggled all my life, I devoted years and effort to achieve everything I had and now, in a matter of days I have lost everything. I never did any harm, what have I done to receive such a punishment from God?

Moreover, you may feel a kind harassment from your family besides your own suffering.
Those accusations may make you feel the worst.

With all this burden, you feel as if the whole world comes crashing down around you. 
You feel as if you were in a laberynth without an exit or a tunnel where you see no light.

In those circumstances you may suffer from a deep depression, feel apathy and hopelessness.

We spend our lives thinking we are in a crazy race, where the aim is to win and to success. When we have everything, we want power, we take life as if it were a competiton where we will not see the flag at the end. We should think: What for?, May I be able to enjoy life and family?, Will I have time?Will God give me the chance?

All of a sudden we realise that our life has gone, we have lost our youth, we are not that strong any longer, we do not feel like doing anything so we wonder: how did everything happen so quickly? what is the most important thing in my life?

They do not want you to spend your life trying to make a fortune; they want your love, your company and your time.
Having more money will not make you and your family happier, it may fill your pockets but your home will beempty and void of love.

They try to test their capacity, intelligence and wisdom, thinking that logic will win and nothing bad will happen at the end. Even if this method does not always work. 

Thanks God there is a second option:

It may not seem very practical at the beginning, but, from my own experience, it is the ONLY choice to frustration, failure and a chaotic and hopeless life.


When there seems to be no answer and problems become deeper, the only guarenteed choice is to rely only on God, to forget about your problems and trust and wait for His intervention.

You may say: “For you it is easy”. Well, yes, it is easy, because I have admitted I have not got neither the capacity or the power to change the situations or the circumstances, but God has. What it is a big problem for you and for me, it is not for Him.
You have to learn to OBEY HIM AND ALLOW HIM to sort out  your problem.

Above all, do not try to help Him.

Your life, your family and your situation, no matter how serious that may be, is in God’s hands. He can make of that “misfortune” something useful for you, a different person, working in your heart until you become a real God’s son.

Remember that God’s not interested in your money, your fame, your cars, your houses and everything you think you need to be happy.

God only cares about you. What you have to do, if you want, is giving Him your life and ask Him to come your heart.