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Even when the world overwhelms you and does not give you the solutions you are seeking... REST. 
If your soul is filled with concern and you feel in your heart that there is no hope... REST.
When you want to run away because you can not do anymore... REST. 
When you lose the brightness of your eyes, when you cannot find words, or you do not feel like listening... REST. 
If you have lost money in business, if you have been laid off from work ... If you have a loved one who is sick... REST.
It does not matter at what point in life you grew tired... What matters is that it is always possible and necessary to rest. 
Rest is giving you a new opportunity to gain strength and renew hope for a new life.
Rest is to acknowledge that you have been supporting yourself in the wrong place, you have been relying on those who do not deserve your trust and you have been waiting for a train that will never come. 
Rest is simply to leave all our struggles, anxieties, concerns and circumstances, ultimately, to leave our lives in the best hands in which we may be… The same hands that healed, resurrected Lazarus, helped multitudes, and were nailed to a cross for all of us... “The hands of Jesus” 

"Many think that only rest in peace when you die. I suggest you rest in peace for now and for eternity”