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Even though you do not understand

You may not understand certain things because the time has not yet arrived when I will reveal to you my entire plan, my purpose. Although you do not understand, trust and believe, and remember that my ways are not your ways. 

You may not know my mind by trying to understand and analyze everything with your human mind. I reveal my thoughts and my ways through my Spirit, to all those who are receptive and open, to those who believe, accept and wish to hear my voice.

I promise that if you continue forward, even though you do not even know for sure if you will have the strength to stand, you will not fail. Just as gold is purified in the furnace of the refiner, which passes through the burning flames, it comes out as pure gold. If I put you to the test, it is to remove all impurities that limit you. Therefore, do not be afraid of trials, I send them to you because I love you, to purify and always answer your prayers. 

With love. Jesus

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