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Yesterday, today an tomorrow

There are people who are chained to a failure or to a wound that never stops festering.
They become bitter today, because they were abandoned years ago,  because they could not study what they wanted, because their partner dump them, because they lost  their job, etc.

They have not been able to forgive themselves for what has happened and keep on turning around their bitternes, torturing themselves with their mistakes and resentment.
As Martin Descalzo says: “They look like salty statues which are not able to live the present because they keep on looking behind”.

There are others who live in the past, not out of bitterness but out of  nostalgia, those people do not like the present, but they do not have enough courage to make it better and they use their energy to complain and long for the past times.

The present we have is the result of our past.
The past is useful as long as it enlightens our present and it strengthens our future, as long as it ceases to be past and becomes a springboard for the present and not a sterile nostalgia.

Those who get stuck to the past are also scared by the future.
Fear paralyses and consumes people. It is like those spiders which first, paralyse their victims and then, they eat them little by little.

Others live for the future, because they put off everything they have to struggle for.
They do not dare to evade it directly.They do not feel up to doing anything and wait for the right moment, but that moment never comes.

In the same way, some people consume cocaine to evade reality or the ghosts from the past, some others disguise actual life and run away to the past or to the future because they do not have enough courage to control the present.

I need to know what I must do today and be aware of the fact that only the present exists and try to be happy and making the others happy, accepting with peace and love every situation that arises.

“The person who gets stuck in the past cannot live the present or can imagine the future”