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My Mother, my best friend

Two friends were having coffee and while they talked one of them commented; My mother is constantly calling me at my office, for every little thing and she always ends up asking me to go chat with her.  It's terrible, always the same gripes, that she feels lonely, that this or that hurts....
The truth is that I seldom go visit her and I think it's because of the way she is.  You know how old people are; they repeat themselves over and over again, and I am too busy.  You know I'm always short on time, my work obligations, my wife, my kids, my friends.  I can't give her as much time as she wants.  

The friend that listened to him quite seriously, responded; on the other hand, I talk with my Mother very much, when I am sad I go spend some time with her; when I feel alone or when I have a problem and I need strength, I go visit with her and she comforts me, she cheers me up and I always end up feeling much better.

I suppose you are a much person than I am said the first one, sincerely.

Oh not really, I am the same as you, or at least I was.  The truth is I visit my Mother at the cemetery.  She died a while back but while she was with me I didn't go talk with her, I thought and felt the same as you.  You don't know how much I need her presence, how much would I give to feel the caresses she so lovingly gave me and I so stupidly rejected because I thought to myself, I'm not a child anymore.  I feel so sad not having listened to her advice.  I know what I'm doing I would yell.  And by not listening I committed many mistakes.

Oh my friend, if you only knew how much I miss her but it's too late now, and now I realize that she was my best friend.

I never had time either, my business kept me so occupied that I almost never went to see her, and when I did it was only for a very few minutes.  Nevertheless, now that she isn't here I dedicate much more time to her but I feel guilty and miserable.  See how foolish I am, every time as I sit on the ground at the cemetery I look at her photo on the gray marble, I can read the words I had engraved,  I love you!  Nevertheless she never heard them from my own lips.

That's why every time I go visit her I ask God and her to forgive me for having  been so harsh, for treating her so badly, for yelling at her, for being so rude, so hypocritical, and for the little affection I showed her.  But there is no answer, only silence and when a slight breeze caresses my cheeks, I feel she has forgiven me and in spite of it all that she keeps on loving me with all her heart.

Looking at his frined with tears in his eyes he said, I'm sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you, but if my experience does you any good, talk with her now that you still have her. value her presence, be grateful for the virtues she surely has, put aside her mistakes that in one way or another shape a part of her being.  Don't wait for her not to be with you, because then the pain will reach the very depths of your soul and then you will realize that you can never do what you left undone, it will be a void that you will never be able to fill.  Do not let the same thing happen to you as did me.

Upon returning to his offce, he was thinking of his friend's words.  When he arrived he told his secretary; please hold all my calls!  Put a call in to my Mother and also cancel all my appointments because I will dedicate this day to her.

Do not let thiis day go by without telling your mother; I LOVE YOU!

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